Internationalisation: we explore the world

Internationalisation has been an important part of the curriculum at Udens College for 26 years.

The world is increasingly within reach and cultural diversity is increasing. We see this as an opportunity for our students to further develop themselves into world citizens who make a significant contribution. Society is becoming increasingly international and complex. And at the same time smaller. Modern communication technologies and fast transport options mean that absolute boundaries are becoming less and less experienced.


Global Citizen Network

We do not only create a European learning environment at school, but in a network of 70 schools in the Netherlands (ELOS – NIVO). From November 2018, the network will be called Global Citizen Network and will be part of Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education.


“Today’s students need to develop skills to work together globally and take international responsibility. The world is open. As tourists, for example, they are already gaining experience. As a world citizen you learn to respect and accept other cultures.  We think it is vital that all students are given these skills. After all, we are a small country that is part of the Global Village. Joke Hengefeld-van Koningsbruggen, Chairman Global Citizen Network.


With the help of the internationalisation programme, young people will develop and learn to work together with more enthusiasm and confidence across (their own) borders. In this way we contribute to a better European and global society: a healthy, safe and inspiring society.


This is what we do: