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    ELOS: LIVE project

    A.s. weekend verwelkomen wij vanuit ELOS het Comenius LIVE project; 30 studenten uit 5 verschillende landen komen discussiëren over ‘Webcrime’.

    Zij volgen dit programma:

    We are going to talk about the subject Justice and Crime where the students will get a lot of information about cybercrime.

    The first day the student will get an introduction in the Dutch law system at the University of Law in Nijmegen city. We’ll visit The Hague, the government centre of The Netherlands. There we will attend an interactive program at the Cybercrime Academy.   At the end of this 3 schooldays-journey the students are going to play the roles of lawyers and judges situating a lawsuit. On the last evening we will have dinner in a nice restaurant Bella Italia in Uden. It’s a good moment to reflect on what we have learned. Don’t forget to take some warm clothes with you. The weather forecast predicted some cold, winter days. Brrr! But don’t bother: We are going to give you a warm welcome in Uden! We look forward to seeing you!

    Bon Voyage/Goede reis/ Enjoy your journey


    Evelien Naterop, Yvonne Ree, Marlies Driessen en Marieke van Kemenade


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